Shattered again!

I see you coming through the door

I tried hard but failed to ignore 

Our eyes met for a second 

I thought of you as a legend 

I didn’t want to be in love again 

To prevent my tears falling like rain 

You broke my fence You won your chance 

Slowly it turned into a perfect romance 

I was full of hope that you will stay 

I Wish I knew I was just your prey 

You played your game and used your trump

I stood there crying and then got dump 

All my pieces were broken again 

I don’t think I will ever regain 

The faith and trust I put in you 

The promises were still due 

How could I not see you were so fake 

now I have nothing left to give or take

I am in dilemma to respond or walk away 

But I think there is nothing left to say 

Just leave me alone and go to hell 

I will try again to pretend I am well 


Tame your demons!

The face that wears a fine smile

Is in constant fight with her soul

Taming  the fiends yelling from within 

You are not good enough to do anything

Listening to her demons her smile fades

Like the disappearing view in sandstorm 

She feels stuck in the middle of an ocean

With no sole and a shore she can’t see

Struggling with the tides she got strong

That pushed her backwards and yet

With every stroke she won the duel

Pushing herself forward she created her own way

Who knew one day she would reach the island 

And momentarily be free of all chains

A place where she can sing,dance and enjoy herself 

With no one telling her ” you are just not good enough”

Mahabharata in the Metro!

mahabharata                       f89688618d3a2658c91b5ec7605d5abf--woman-reading-reading-is-sexy


Hey people. Today, i want to talk about something that is on my mind for a long time. It’s about religion and how under the name of religion people humiliate others. I hope this does not become a controversial post here.

Today i was in metro ( it’s like a small train for shorter durations ),getting late for college as usual, when the gates slided open and i saw a girl running towards the Metro, with a book in one hand and bag in other. She was wearing a red skirt and a white decent top. The book she had in her hand was mahabharata, not the original one but the adapted version. I was intrigued so i started talking to her and found out the she was a literature student and the book is part of her syllabus.

In 1st year literature students are made to read a lot of epics. She sat down and started reading it. Few minutes later, an old lady was frowning at her. We looked back at her and she said “Don’t you have morals, reading our religious mahabharata in Metro. Is this what your parents have taught you? You shamed be ashamed of yourself for wearing a skirt while reading it.” The girl was shocked more than embarrassed.The entire women compartment was glaring at her as if she committed a crime. The girl was just looking at the old lady unable to say anything. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and she didn’t even blink.

Honestly, i was shocked too. I don’t think the girl did anything wrong. To this she gathered up some courage and said ” I have a test today and i am just going through important points. More over this is just an adaptation of the real book written from different point of views.” She was soo embarrassed or maybe hurt that she got down at the very next stop. Even when she was gone, the old lady along with some other ladies started speaking ” How indecent the girl was, she had no manners.” I want to know what are your thought about this. Plus one more thing to add, Mahabharata is our epic, Indian epic, but not our religious book.

My very first LIEBSTER award !!

Hey everybody, Today i am really excited as i have been nominated for the very first time ever. Thanks a lot Ritu raj for nominating me.

I totally totally love her blogs. She expresses everything in a very effortless and beautiful manner. I find many answers to my thoughts by reading her posts.

Everybody do check her  site:

Now I would like to tell you about the rules of this award..

  • Create a new post, thank a person who nominated you, link their blog and put the award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided to you.
  • Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees.

Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.

So, let’s start answering the questions you asked

1) what does blogging mean to you?

For me , blogging is a way to share your experiences with the people all over the world and to know about theirs. It is a way to vent out your emotions and get to know others point of views and in a way getting better understanding of things.

2) why did you start blogging ? please share your special story.

I don’t really have special story.  I was always fond of writing but i used to write in my diary. One day, my parents read it and i was beyond angry that they invaded my privacy. So,i started posting stuff where they can’t read my thoughts and where i can meet people who  share my opinions.My parents are really not happy with my thinking style.

3) what are your thoughts about an ideal relationship ?

For me, the best relationship is the one where you are friends before partners, where you help each other grow rather than compete, where you truely feel free and not caged in compromises and sacrifices.where you fight like siblings, knowing you have to come back to the other. Most importantly where you respect your partner’s private sphere.

4) what is the first thing you tend to notice when you meet someone for the first time?

Well, the first thing i notice in somebody is the way they dress up, next, the way in which they speak and after that i look for the person’s nature. So, personality is my determining factor.

5) if given the power would you like to travel into the future or past ?

okay, this one is very interesting. I think i won’t be going in either of the two because my past is horrific but i don’t want to change it. It has made me who i am today, it has made me strong and independent. I don’t want to go to the future because then there would be no point in dreaming. i don’t know what my future holds and i want to take it as a surprise.  I love surprises.

6) which is your favorite book and why ?

Harry potter and i think it will always be the one. Basically, i have grown up reading the series and the book really made me grow as a person. It has given me courage to choose right over the wrong, made me realise it’s okay to break rules, and friendship is the most important thing that one should definitely not miss out. Plus it gives me escape, momentarily from the real harsh world.

7) what do you do to relax yourself when you are stressed?

I put in my earplugs, turn on music and dance till i am exhausted. Thats my therapy.

8) what is your idea of a fun vacation?

well i am 19, so for me a fun vacation is the one where you go a solo trip or with your friends. Take complete rest for a day, just don’t get out of bed. Next day just travel as much as you can, explore the wilderness and if possible take a bicycle instead of a car. And at last it involves a lot of clubbing where you can dance a lot and sing like a crazy person as if it is a carnival.

9) share the most funny incident you have witnessed

I have very curly hair and to put them in proper curls i was using the curling comb. My hair got stuck. I tried every means to tangle them but it didn’t work. At last my mom had to cut my hair.So my hair was till my waist and later till my ears. At that time it was like a tragedy but now when i remember it i think it was a very funny incident.

10)what are your opinions about me and my blog and how can i improve it ?

As i mentioned before , i totally love your blog. the best part is there is too much reality in it and i get a feel whatever you write you write it from your heart.

It was reall fun answering these questions.thanks again

Today.. Im nominating

here are my questions to you

  1. were you always passionate about blogging ?
  2.  what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
  3. if you get a chance to meet any fictional character, who would it be ?
  4.  are you fond of travelling and why?
  5. what inspires you to write ?
  6. how would your dream place be if made into reality?
  7. do you believe in god ?
  8. do you believe in demons and have you even felt anything strange?
  9. what are your thoughts about me
  10.  would you prefer going on a solo trip, with your friends or family?

looking forward for your answers 🙂

lots of love !!

A lesser known form of child abuse!



I was just reading a book about a child, when a thought evoked a memory in my mind. One from the school, no, this is not a happy one. Although it is not related to me but still i feel i am part of it as i watched it happen and it was horrific. A lady, in her late thirties, was beating her child because he failed a test. That lady, she didn’t stop. She kept slapping him again and again and the little boy was crying but his screams were silent. He was sobbing but he didn’t have the courage to meet his mother’s eyes.

file-20171028-13298-1otacaq                    emotional_abuse_copy_by_mizrataufiq-d5u6uqj

I was too young, i couldn’t have stopped her from beating her child.So i have a thought in my mind making me restless. Parents love their children, no doubt about it, children are in a way part of their body, an extension, but do they own them enough to hit them or beat them, then be it using hands, cane , footwear or as a matter of fact anything that comes in hand in order to disciple them ,claiming it is for their own good. If the child is not doing well in school or is maybe  mischievous, clumsy, hyper or maybe just dull, do you think beating them for such trivial things is justified, “for their own good.” Is getting straight A’s more important than child’s mental peace and mental health?

Just because some parents have suffered injustice by their parents and somehow it worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for their children as well. It won’t necessarily shape their future. Now imagine yourself getting beaten for things you didn’t even know were wrong, okay to have benefit of doubt even if you knew they were wrong, you weren’t doing it to cause destruction. Maybe you were just curious or wanted to have fun. I think this is a form of child abuse. Violence is no solution and even if parents are doing for child’s betterment , it is not justified.

There are other ways to discipline children as well. Ground them, don’t give them pocket mean for a time period or maybe don’t give food for a day. But, the trauma a child goes through beating session lasts for ever. It fades but never leaves. It leaves the child devastated, desolate, empty and with a sense of abandonment and inferiority. It hinders personality development and self esteem. Especially asian parents , they need to understand their child’s psychology and let the child know they are with them through the ups and the downs.


Behind the darker side !

Why are people afraid of dying? To live with somebody else ,for somebody else, now this is hard. Dying is easy ,it is living that is though. Dying is quick, it is living that takes years of pain. Dying is peaceful, it is living that is harsh as if somebody is pressing your finger with a wooden bristle stuck in it. Death brings love from people you once knew but living just brings hate. Dying takes you to another world where you are free, living makes sure you are slave everyday of your life. Dying is end of fears while for some it is living that makes them feel stuck in a room with walls coming nearer to you , no matter how hard you push to make them go back or at least remain in their place but walls keep coming closer and closer giving you no escape and slowly crushing you gradually and painfully every minute every second every day. 

Ignorance is not a bliss

How to adapt when you can’t settle for less
How to close your eyes when people fight over things that don’t make sense 

How to stay shut when you see somebody being wronged 

How to control you rage against people doing such fraud 

How to raise your voice against such vices 

When all you have is existential crisis 

Crisis, not bcoz you aren’t good enough

But because society  didnt make you tough 

Exams and debates don’t make you smart 

Voicing your opinions is the true art 

Fight till you think you made the change 

In this world where nobody takes the blame 

You are the soldier in the front line of the battle

Make a move and defeat the existing evil.